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Choosing the best DJ for your event, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event or any other type of party, is very important and not as simple as it may sound.

There are different types of DJs with different types of services, as well as of higher and lower quality.

Therefore, if you want your event to be the best it can be, you need to make sure you are hiring a DJ that will help make that happen.

Asking the right questions, as well as meeting the DJ beforehand, is essential in this process so read on and find out just what to ask your DJ.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Experience is essential when choosing the best DJ for your event so this should be one of your first questions.

A DJ that has several years of experience, as well as a substantial number of events behind them, will know what your event needs in terms of entertainment.

They will be experienced enough to navigate through any type of event and get the crowd going.

You can ask them specifically about their experience with the type of event that you are organizing. For example, if you need a wedding DJ, ask them about their past wedding gigs and, if possible, for some testimonials, as well.

Do You Also Provide MC Services for Events?

There are certain types of events that cannot be organized without an MC. An MC is a person that makes sure everything runs smoothly, a person that makes announcements, interacts with the crowd, etc.

Some DJ services include MCing but others, however, do not. When it is included, this makes the entire process much easier for you, as well as more affordable, as you will not have to hire an additional person or company.

Full-service DJs are usually a smarter and more convenient option. In this case, however, you should also make sure that they have experience in carrying out both roles and that it does not affect the quality of their work.

Do You Interact with the Crowd and How?

Asking this question and talking about the entire process will help you discern whether this DJ is the right fit for you. After all, they are there to entertain and help your guests have fun.

Find out whether they go out among the crowd at times, if they talk with them, ask questions, take song requests, etc.

Of course, what you want and need will depend on the type of event you are planning, so make sure you and your DJ are on the same page.

Are the Sound and Lighting Systems Included in Your Services?

Contrary to what some people may think, a DJ service is not simply a DJ standing behind a booth and playing some tunes.

Nowadays, a DJ service can include a number of things and some of the integral ones include a quality sound system and lighting that goes with it. Depending on the DJ, they may also include a photo booth or some other services.

By choosing a DJ that offers complete services, such as those stated above, you will save a lot of money, as well as nerves, as you will have to coordinate with only one person or company.

When Do You Usually Arrive at the Venue?

Based on their answer, you will be able to determine how responsible and trustworthy they are.

You wouldn’t want a DJ arriving at your wedding, for example, at the last minute. You want a reliable DJ that will not cause you additional stress but that will respect the importance of your big day.

It usually takes about an hour to get set up, so you would want your DJ to arrive at least 120 minutes early.

In Conclusion

These were some of the most important questions to ask your DJ and that can give you a pretty good picture of the quality of their services.

Based on the answers you get you will also be able to understand their pricing better and know what is included in it.

If you have any other questions or need complete DJ services in Minnesota, don’t hesitate to contact SGDJs today!